Located in Golden Hill, Counterpoint is a place for people.

We love simple, pure things, and we go all out to find them. Be it spirits, beer, wine, cheese...things made by actual people for the pure and simple love of making them. Not fancy things, but ordinary things, done extraordinarily well. We love their stories and we love their passion for their crafts, and we love sharing both, but Counterpoint is, first, foremost and always, about our 'hood, and the people who give it life. We are an urban tavern, a place to see neighbors, see friends, to feed your body, and, hopefully, your spirit, too. Come grab a Blue Chair, a beverage and a bite. Bring a friend, or make a new one here...it’s what goes on at Counterpoint.






830 25th street, suite 100
san diego, california 92102



Monday - Friday,
5pm to Midnight

Saturday & Sunday,
10am - Midnight

Food Service
Sunday - Thursday, till 10pm
Friday & Saturday, till 11pm


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